An Evening with Kate Forsyth

Last year I encountered a novel called Bitter Greens (some of you may recall the review of it I posted on here). You know those books that you just cannot put down? The ones that you end up walking down the street holding in front of your face, or sneakily reading by the light of... Continue Reading →

My Writing Life With Trichotillomania

Image you're doing something you love. A project, hobby, reading a book, playing a game, anything. But then there's something in your eye. Or, you think there is. Your hand automatically tries to remove it, prodding around in the sticky tear duct. You blink and find that it's gone. But you can't move your hand away. Your... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales: The Plant and the Payoff

Plants and payoffs feature in many stories. Whilst most relevant when analysing screenplays, this narrative device also crops up in literature. Especially in fairy tales. When something seemingly inconsequential happens, so much so that readers barely pay attention to it, that's the 'plant' bit. But when it returns later in the story and suddenly has some significance,... Continue Reading →

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