Snow White: The Other Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is not the only fairy tale heroine to experience an enchanted slumber. Snow White suffers the same fate, albeit under different circumstances. Looking at the themes of these two stories, it's interesting to note the similarities and differences surrounding sexuality and feminism, as well as the variations in their narratives. Like with many fairy tales,... Continue Reading →

Witches: In Fairy Tales and Reality

This is a bit of a re-hash of this post about witches from last October. Witches feature heavily in my writing, and I find them fascinating characters for may reasons. Witches are also common is fairy tales, and are usually depicted as evil within this genre. However, the term 'witch' is one of the widest and... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Disney’s Maleficent

When I first heard that Disney were making a film about Maleficent, I was SO EXCITED. She is my favourite character from their version of Sleeping Beauty, and so little is revealed about her. I was eager for her story to be told. Maleficent was released last month - over 50 years after Disney's Sleeping... Continue Reading →

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