Film Review: Fairy Tales in Hanna

When I watched this film for the first time back in 2011, I didn't really know what was going on and or think much of it. However, watching it again recently, I quite enjoyed it and picked up on a lot of fairy tale references. I'm sure other people have blogged about this film and... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Disney’s Maleficent

When I first heard that Disney were making a film about Maleficent, I was SO EXCITED. She is my favourite character from their version of Sleeping Beauty, and so little is revealed about her. I was eager for her story to be told. Maleficent was released last month - over 50 years after Disney's Sleeping... Continue Reading →

Winx Club: A Modern Fairy Tale

When someone says 'fairy,' most people immediately think of little creatures, dressed in leaves, who dwell at the bottom of the garden and cause mischief. This notion has never been challenged more than by these girls: Meet the Winx Club, a group of teenagers who attend Alfea College for fairies in the classy, futuristic realm... Continue Reading →

The Swan Princess (& The Stupid Prince)

Have you ever re-watched one of your favourite childhood films and had that awful moment of realisation where you notice all the flaws? All the plot holes and terrible characterisation that you didn't notice when you were younger?┬áThis is exactly what happened to my friend and I when we decided to watch The Swan Princess.... Continue Reading →

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