Summer 2015 Fairy Tale Book Haul

Summer means travelling, and travelling means new bookshops! I've managed to acquire some interesting fairy tale books over the last few months, which I'd like to throw into the fairy tale blogosphere.   So without further ado, here is my summer 2015 fairy tale book haul (and yes, that is my Hello Kitty duvet in... Continue Reading →

5 Christmas Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are not something immediately associated with Christmas. At least, not anymore. Once, families used to sit beside the fire and read stories together, but this seems to have dissolved in the face of modern entertainment. Which is all the more reason to give it a go! One of the best things about the... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales: The Plant and the Payoff

Plants and payoffs feature in many stories. Whilst most relevant when analysing screenplays, this narrative device also crops up in literature. Especially in fairy tales. When something seemingly inconsequential happens, so much so that readers barely pay attention to it, that's the 'plant' bit. But when it returns later in the story and suddenly has some significance,... Continue Reading →

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