Dressing up As someone I don't quite understand Parts of me, parts that are other Figuring them out Not telling my mother. Stitching up holes in tights On park benches Thinking I look wild, and edgy Hoping a guy will see me and think 'she's cool' Because apparently I wanted a boyfriend who appreciated... Continue Reading →


  Habits Amethyst in pockets Oracle cards as bookmarks Pentagrams, etched into the margins of maths books A cheap golden necklace, cleansed in the sun on a Thursday lunchtime, Still able to turn my neck green. A bowl of salt water, on my bedroom floor Not sure what for But I like it there With... Continue Reading →

Come, Tie Your Life Away

Come, tie your life away with me At the Clootie Well We'll wander through the forest Leaving no footprints to trace our spell Bring that frayed ribbon from your hair, And the expensive dresses you never wear Soak them in the water, slow and dark All the better to pierce a tender heart.   If... Continue Reading →

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