An Evening with Kate Forsyth

Last year I encountered a novel called Bitter Greens (some of you may recall the review of it I posted on here). You know those books that you just cannot put down? The ones that you end up walking down the street holding in front of your face, or sneakily reading by the light of... Continue Reading →

Women in Literature – Represent Them Real!

After reading The Bloody Chamber and adoring it, I have been steadily making my way through Angela Carter's other works. At the moment I'm reading her novel Heroes and Villains, and it's made me notice something irritating about attitudes to women in literature. I bet you're thinking, 'oh, what now? I'm sick of people going on about... Continue Reading →

Researching as a Writer: Get Hands-On!

When undertaking a large writing project, or anything non-fiction, the need to do some research will probably arise. Now, the word 'research' makes most people think of something like this: And feel something like this: But something has been sadly overlooked in these thoughts: we're writers! And that's exciting! I'm not going to lie, sometimes... Continue Reading →

Write What You Know?

If there is one phrase which has the power to strike fear into the heart of any writer it’s ‘write what you know.’ It’s one of the most common rules inflicted, as well as a criticism. But what does it actually mean? Let’s consider for a moment. Saying you should stick to ‘what you know’... Continue Reading →

The Plant and the Payoff in Fairy Tales

Plants and payoffs feature in many stories. Whilst most relevant when analysing screenplays, this narrative device also crops up in literature. Especially in fairy tales. When something seemingly inconsequential happens, so much so that readers barely pay attention to it, that's the 'plant' bit. But when it returns later in the story and suddenly has some significance,... Continue Reading →

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