Storytelling at Test Valley Festival

Live in England (preferably Hampshire)? Want to hear some fairy tales? On Sunday 12th June, along with my friend and fellow storyteller Claire, I am are going to be storytelling at Test Valley Garden & Literary Festival! We're doing short performances of lesser-known fairy tales, including White Bear King Valemon, Bremen Town Musicians, and Snow White Fire... Continue Reading →

Nightwish: Stories Through Song

This week, I became captivated by the song Storytime by Nightwish, which is what inspired my topic for today's post: Stories. I love a stories, in any form, no matter where they come from. Stories are magical, beautiful creatures which appeal to our creative natures and inspire us like nothing else. In the words of Nightwish, they... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales at Mannington: I Have a Gig!

For one day, and one day only! Fairy tales and fables, at Mannington Hall! An old country hall surrounded by lily ponds, woodland, and gardens is magical enough in itself. But next month at Mannington, there's going to be trails with fairies and other creatures to find, an exhibition of old fairy books, fundraising events... Continue Reading →

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