Fairy Tale Hearts: Organs or Intuition?

I've been thinking a lot about hearts recently. They're funny things, aren't they? Or at least our perception of them is. When we talk of hearts, instead of organs pumping blood around our bodies they become personified; magical things capable of love and adventure. They are strong and wild, and do not listen to reason. Can't explain... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Learned in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the first place I've been to that I feel doesn't require many words. It's such a vibrant, elusive city - just when you think you've seen all there is to see and got it sussed, you see a shop selling magic mushroom-flavoured tea, or someone dancing with a copper kettle full of coins,... Continue Reading →

My Writing Life With Trichotillomania

Image you're doing something you love. A project, hobby, reading a book, playing a game, anything. But then there's something in your eye. Or, you think there is. Your hand automatically tries to remove it, prodding around in the sticky tear duct. You blink and find that it's gone. But you can't move your hand away. Your... Continue Reading →

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