Tsukumogami: Japan’s Household Spirits

Imagine going to boil some water, and suddenly your kettle sprouts legs and runs away. Or turning a light on, to find your paper lampshade grinning at you and waggling a long tongue. You might have a spirit problem, but these are no ordinary poltergeists. Meet the tsukumogami! Tsukumogami is the collective name given to a type of yokai... Continue Reading →

Pagan Sabbats: 5 Small Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Celebrating Pagan sabbats is a fun, meaningful way to mark the turning of the seasons. Following the Gregorian calendar, Imbolc is the first sabbat of the year (by the Celtic calendar in is Samhain which is in October). Imbolc (pronounced 'EE-muk' or 'IM-bulk') falls on the 2nd February. It is the Pagan equivalent of the Christian Candlemas,... Continue Reading →

Travel: Dragon Hunting in Norwich

In the East of England, there is a Medieval city composed of cobbled streets, secret gardens, and flint churches. Its castle stands on a hill, one of the only ones in the region, for we are deep in big-sky country. If you go left, you will find yourself in Chapelfield, a gleaming, glass shopping centre... Continue Reading →

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