Hello! I’m Amelia. Nice to meet you. 初めまして.

I have a degree in creative writing from the University of Winchester, and words never leave me alone for long. I have had stories published in the University of Winchester’s creative writing journal, Vortexand many articles published online. I also am Senior Editor for Folklore Thursday.

I study folklore and fairy tales, with specific interests in Japan, witchcraft, spinning wheels, and selkies (and I feel like writing that on a CV would just make me sound insane, so yay for blogs!)

I love the ocean so much that my friends have nicknamed me ‘Moana.’ Take me to the beach, turn your back for 2 seconds, and I will already have my shoes off and be sprinting towards the water.

My favourite authors are Angela Carter, Neil Gaiman, Susan Fletcher, and Alison Croggon.

My favourite yōkai is the Yama Oroshi.

In my spare time, I (attempt to) play guitar and dabble in photography. I have a separate blog for my photos called Lily Behind the Lens.

I love to travel. I love to find new places where I feel tiny and don’t know anything, and then take time to explore and learn until they become familiar.

Trees are my friends. They know all my secrets.

Follow me on Twitter @amyelize.

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