The Willow Web


When you are so busy weaving
It is easy to forget that you are grieving
Weaving, with words
Weaving, in circles
To hang above your bed as you dream
Knowing things may not be how you wanted
But at least your twigs can grow
Wherever they are planted.






Amelia Starling

I’m Amelia. 初めまして。I’m a writer & folklorist, and I’m not sure where my words come from but they never leave me alone for long. I also cannot disentangle my work from my love of folklore and magic. I cannot study without creating stories. I cannot be a writer without being a witch, because what are words if they are not spells?

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Winchester with a degree in Creative Writing. I then worked in Japan and Italy as an English teacher, and currently I live in Scotland where I am studying for a masters in Ethnology & Creative Writing. I am also Senior Editor for the online folklore journal #FolkloreThursday.

In my spare time I like to ice skate, stress bake, & play in the sea. I also have extremely itchy feet, and will keep extending my worldwide, wispy trail of blown kisses and ink stains.

Let’s be friends. Tweet me @amyelize.




A Note on Sources

All the books I have referenced on this blog are my own or from libraries. Regarding publication and editorial information, my source lists contain the details from the specific editions I have used. Please be aware that other editions may exist, and I am not always citing first editions.